Branding & Marketing

Logos. Marketing Ideas
and Promotional Materials.

A new logo does not create a brand – it is one small element of how your business is viewed by a client or customer.

• Text style
• Colours
• Style of images
• Consistency of message
• Professional copywriting
• Stationery
• Business cards
• Print and online Marketing
• Signage

These are all part of how you express your brand, your professionalism and your product or service in a competitive market place.  


Business and Marketing.
or Portrait Photoshoots.

My goal is to guide my clients to achieve the image they desire.

I can help you with:

• A  business profile/headshot image
• Staff Photos
• Product images
• Styled images to showcase a business or service
• Lifestyle images for promotional material
• Relaxed, fun, family portraits

I enjoy working with clients and helping them to find locations and create photography to suit their business or family and most importantly to feel comfortable in front of a camera.

Website Design

WordPress Designs
and Hosting advice.

Are you asking yourself:

• How do I promote my business online?
• How will I know if the cost of building a website is worth it for the sales return?
• Do I need a website or can I just be on Facebook?
• How long does it take to build a website?
• How do I get my website to show up on an internet search?

These are all questions I asked myself when I set up my business!

There are many options for business owners today and creating and managing Websites, Social Media, Blogging, Email marketing and newsletters plus various other sales funnel options, scare most of us. Not only in the creation but in managing all of this while doing “the job” we are advertising.

However, even the simplest of websites will align you with the number one tool people use to find a business, service or product near them – the internet.

It is simply your best advertisement of who you are, what you offer and what people say about you – all in one place designed and written the way you desire (not someone else’s review).

Your website can always be adapted and grow as your business does.

Copywriting &

Most of my clients already know what they want to say about their brand, products or service, but they aren’t clear on the best way to put it all together.

I love to help my clients think about how they want to present themselves to their clients and customers. And most importantly what clients and customers they want to attract! This helps to determine how they market their brand.

There are many ways to reach your audience and how your written language is perceived is more important than you may expect.

I have many years of experience ensuring brands are consistent across multiple marketing platforms such as printed brochures, flyers, online and advertisements.

I have also proofread multiple publications and have been privileged to proofread for authors prior to publishing their first book.

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