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Terms & Conditions for Portrait Photoshoots 

Throughout this document “Bean images – Photography by Jill” is referred to as the Registered Business Name: Bean images

1.      Photoshoot Fees & Charges:

1.1     A non-refundable 50% Deposit is due in order to secure the photoshoot date and time.

1.2     Balance of the Package Fee or Custom Quote is required one week prior to the photoshoot date. The client will be contacted prior to this date with payment amount and details.

1.3     Bean images has the right to give the date and time to another client if the balance of the Fee or Quote has not been received one week prior to the photoshoot.

1.4     The Fee for Portrait Package 1 and 2 includes up to 6 people in the photoshoot. Additional people will be an extra $20 per person unless specifically negotiated.

1.5     Mini-Session Package Fee includes up to 6 people. An additional Mini-Session time slot booking is required for 7 or more people.

1.6     The client acknowledges that they have received, read and understood the Prices & Packages Page on the Bean images website (www. Or the client acknowledges that they have received, read and understood a Custom Quote outlining the fees and inclusions for a specific project. Acknowledgement of this is confirmed via payment of the non-refundable 50% Deposit.

1.7     These Terms & Conditions apply to photoshoots offered at Special Discounts or Free and they may also have additional Terms & Conditions outlined in the offer.

1.8     Photoshoots offered as Free or via competition Wins are not redeemable for cash.

2.      Reschedules & Cancelations (including information about Fees & Charges):

2.1     In the event that the client needs to reschedule the photoshoot date, Bean images requires 48 hours notice.

2.2     The non-refundable 50% Deposit is transferable to another date within the following
12 month period. In the event of changes to the Bean images Prices or Packages and availability for rescheduled sessions this will apply for the client’s rescheduled date.

2.3     Bean images may reschedule the date and/or time if weather conditions will hinder the photoshoot (such as heavy rain). All attempts will be made to avoid this, however sometimes it is in the client’s best interest to postpone to another date and/or time with better conditions.

2.4     In the event that the client needs to cancel the booking prior to one week from the photoshoot date, the balance of the Package Fee or Custom Quote will not be required.
The booking Deposit is non-refundable.

2.5     If cancellation occurs during the week prior to the photoshoot and the balance of the Package Fee or Custom Quote has been received, the balance amount will be refunded
to the client. The booking Deposit is non-refundable.

2.6     The Fees for Mini-Sessions or Special Exclusive Offers with set dates are transferable
to another person but not refundable or transferable to another date.

3.      Editing and Retouching:

3.1     Images shown in the client gallery include basic retouching (removal of blemishes, skin smoothing, reduction of dark lines under eyes).

3.2     Further custom or client directed retouching can be requested and a quote will be provided for approval prior to retouching.

4.     Online Gallery (including information about Fees & Charges and Copyright):

4.1     Bean images will provide an online gallery of images within 2 weeks of the photoshoot date unless otherwise notified.

4.2     The online gallery is secure and protected by email and password access.

4.3    The client may share images from the gallery using the gallery share function only. This function will be activated on client request.

4.4    The client may share the link, email and password protection with friends and family at their own discretion.

4.5    The client, and or friends and family with whom the gallery has been shared, may not copy the images in the gallery (by photographing the screen, computer screen-grab, printing and copying).

4.6    The Client can share the images from the gallery via social media or email, on;y if the “Social Share” function is activated in the gallery for client use.

4.7    Failure to abide by the above points is a breach of Bean images copyright.

4.8    Images purchased by the client will be supplied with a duplicate image for sharing on social media and email. This image will be sized, colour corrected and watermarked with the Bean images logo. The client may use these social media and email forums without being in breach of Bean images copyright.

5.     Ordering images

5.1    The client selects the images according to the quantity included in the chosen Package.

5.2    Additional images and products are also available for purchase.

5.3    Purchases are made via the secure online gallery shopping cart; or

5.4    Purchases can also be made by email confirmation to followed by an invoice.

5.5    Payment for purchases are to made within 14 days of gallery upload.

5.6    The gallery automatically deactivates on the 14th day.

5.7    If circumstances arise that the client is unable to place their order during the initial 14 days, the gallery can be reactivated for one additional 14 day time-frame.

5.8    Additional gallery time requires a Reactivation Fee of $30 per 14 day time-frame, payable prior to reactivating the gallery.

5.9    All purchases must be accompanied by full payment before the order will be placed with external suppliers.

5.10  Payment plans are available with administrative fees being applied.

6.     Bean images Use of Images and Copyright

6.1    The client agrees that Bean images owns the Copyright in all photographs.

6.2    The client gives permission to Bean images to use any image of the photoshoot, shown to the client in their online gallery, for industry competitions and as required subsequent usage and for reasonable general promotional advertising for Bean images.

6.3    The client can negotiate permission to Bean images to use any image of the photoshoot, shown to the client in their online gallery, for SOCIAL MEDIA, online NEWSLETTERS and BLOGS. The usage is negotiated using the information provided by the client on the Model Release Form.

6.4    A Model Release is provided by Bean images and must be filled out, signed and returned
to Bean images one week prior to the photoshoot.

6.5    As Bean images owns the Copyright, when purchasing printed products, the client agrees not to copy, cause to be copied or allow anyone else to copy, photocopy, laser copy or computer scan any images.

6.6    Clients receive digital files (negatives) which grants authorisation to obtain unlimited reprints for personal use only. The digital files (negatives) provided on USB may not be sold, edited, altered (other than resizing for print) or used for any commercial purpose under any circumstances, without written permission from Bean images.

6.7    The client will use the printed photographs and digital files (negatives) as agreed above and understand that by not doing so is a breach of this agreement.

6.8    Purchased images are provided with a duplicate image which is sized, colour corrected and watermarked with the Bean images logo, for sharing on social media and email.

6.9    Bean images will also share images on social media, newsletters and blog (unless pre-negotiated in the Model Release Form) Clients are encouraged to share these with friends and family and to “tag” themselves on social media “posts”. Altering the image in any way, when sharing, including cropping out the Bean images watermark is a direct breach of Copyright.

6.10    Where the photographs are purchased for the clients’ business and marketing, such as Headshot Package, the photographs may be used for all promotional material (print and online) as required by the client or client’s business, without being in breach of the Bean images Copyright.

7.     Storage of images on galley and Bean images server(s)

7.1    Due to gallery limits and cost of storage, where an order has not been received and paid
for within 30 days of first gallery expiry date, the images will be deleted.

7.2    Due to file storage limitations and costs, un-purchased images will be deleted from Bean images server(s) on 31 December each year at the discretion of Bean images.

7.3    Ordering further prints and products is available to the client until that date each year.

7.4    All purchased images will remain on file for 2 years.

8.     Acknowledgement of Terms & Conditions

8.1    A signed print out of these Terms & Conditions must be returned to 7 days before your photoshoot. You will receive a copy to sign after booking is processed. 

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